Kalar Chain: a blockchain ecosystem for speed and action on climate change.

Kalar Chain is more than a technology platform; it's a community of visionaries, developers, and enthusiasts working together to reshape the future. As we continue to expand our offerings and partnerships, we invite you to join us in exploring the limitless possibilities that blockchain technology has to offer. Stay connected with us through our official channels for updates, news, and insights into the exciting developments within the Kalar Chain ecosystem.
Native Token ($KLC): The native token of Kalar Chain, $KLC, serves as the fuel that powers the ecosystem. It facilitates transactions, incentivizes participation, and drives the growth of the network. Kalar Chain aims to lead everyone towards an open and user-friendly blockchain, making it easy to contribute, participate, and convert into profits with business-friendly applications. With the ability to process over 25,000 transactions in a few seconds, Kalar is the place where you can confidently entrust decentralized products with optimal cost and speed.


Easy mine

Earn KLC for your eco-friendly actions with our ecosystem gentle node confirmation system

Carbon offset marketplace

Make a tangible impact on the environment by offsetting your carbon footprint using KLC or other cryptocurrencies.

Global wrap data

Using smart nodes enables processing transactions extremely quickly and publishing them on the global network.

Smart cleaning mechanism

Track your positive Cleaning up less frequently used data and putting them into a stack allows nodes to operate smoothly, which will earn trust from many validators.

Data on-chain of Kalar.

Actual data is directly retrieved from the Kalar mainnet blockchain. You can explore the blockchain at here.

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Meet the team

CEO & Founder
Leading the way is Ethan Davis, born in 1985, the Founder, and CEO of KalarChain. He hails from Sydney, Australia, and with over 10 years of experience in the fields of information technology and business management, he has worked with leading technology companies, taking on key managerial roles and overseeing complex projects
Software Engineer
Sarah Johnson is an experienced professional with over 19 years in Electrical Engineering. She currently serves as a Professor at the University of Newcastle in New South Wales, Australia, since January 2018. Sarah is also a founding member of HunterWiSE, an initiative empowering women and girls in STEM fields across the Hunter region
Support & Social Media Management
Hailing from Khulna, Bangladesh, Akash has been honing his community management skills for the past 3 years, ensuring top-notch support and professional management of our social media presence.
Graphic Designer
He is a highly experienced Graphic Designer, With a keen eye for design and user experience, John has created unique user interfaces for various businesses, showcasing his creativity and skill